Nail Your Appraisal: Tips to Shine and Get That Raise


Earning a strong performance review (appraisal) and a significant salary increase (hike) is a common goal for many employees. While some achieve this every year, others are left disappointed despite their hard work. Here are some tips to help you consistently prepare effectively, perform well throughout the year, and secure a positive appraisal with a raise you deserve.

  1. 1. Data-Driven Approach: Set clear, measurable goals for the year. Having goals backed by data strengthens your position. Document everything you achieve along the way.

    2. Transparency is Key: Be open and honest about your goals with your manager (RM), team lead, and stakeholders. This fosters trust and collaboration.

    3. Track Your Progress: Break down your yearly goals into smaller, monthly and weekly milestones to stay focused and motivated. Track your progress regularly to ensure you’re on track.

    4. Regular Reviews and Feedback: Schedule regular feedback sessions with your manager and stakeholders, monthly or quarterly depending on your work style. Share your progress and actively seek constructive feedback to improve your performance.

    5. Go Beyond Your Goals: While working towards your objectives, don’t miss opportunities to add value to other areas within the organization. These extra efforts can be highly impactful.

    6. Embrace Experimentation: Be a person who generates ideas, actively experiments, learns from failures, and keeps trying. A “growth mindset” is essential for success.

    7. Learn from Mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you learn and grow from them that matters. Openly discuss your mistakes with your manager to avoid repetition.

    8. Perform with Passion: Approach your work with enthusiasm and dedication, like someone new to the role. This “newbie mentality” can lead to exceptional performance.

    9. Support Your Manager: Understand your manager’s needs and goals. Look for ways to collaborate and improve processes together. Don’t just focus on your own tasks.

    10. Be Proactive: Take ownership of your tasks and complete them independently, freeing up your manager’s time for higher-level work. This demonstrates initiative and reliability.

    11. Offer Support: Be a supportive team member, not a burden. Anticipate your manager’s needs and offer assistance whenever possible.

    12. Go the Extra Mile: Be willing to contribute beyond your regular hours when needed. This shows dedication and commitment to the team’s success.

    13. Upskill Continuously: Never stop learning. Expand your skillset by acquiring new technologies, exploring new ideas, and staying engaged with your field through online communities.

    14. Manage Your Leave Wisely: Plan your leave strategically to avoid disrupting your workflow and commitments. Utilize your allotted vacation days effectively. This demonstrates professionalism and commitment to your work.

These points will surely help you have value in the team and in the organization of your work. Creating value has been a good idea for better appraisals.

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